Libor to SONIA: survey results

Libor to SONIA: survey results

Ivan Harkins July 2018
Earlier in 2018, JCRA surveyed over 5,000 of our clients on the topical issue of LIBOR discontinuation and its replacement with a new risk-free-rate. We have now collated all the data and written a short analysis of the results and trends that emerged from the responses.

From our conversations with clients, there is an expectation that industry bodies and regulators will reach a satisfactory result and there is little they can do to influence the process. However, we believe the opposite is true and we continue to encourage our clients to engage with their relevant industry body and ensure their concerns are understood. It is still a good time to influence regulators.

At JCRA, we are continuing to engage with the regulator and industry bodies to raise concerns on behalf of our clients so if there is anything you’d like us to highlight please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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