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Meet the Team

Richard Conway

As an Associate Director on the Social Housing team, my role is focused on helping JCRA’s clients optimise their funding arrangements and ensuring that their treasury portfolios are fit for purpose. goals. It is a broad mandate, which means that I work across a range of products and borrowers, with a particular focus on housing associations and charities in the UK.

Over the course of a single day, I could find myself meeting with a rating agency, pricing a new bond or private placement, and restructuring a swap portfolio. This scope allows me to work on many different aspects of a problem for our clients, delivering a holistic, outcome-focused solution, whether that means reducing interest costs over six months, or funding development of new homes over six years.

I joined the JCRA team in 2016 from Canaccord Genuity, where I sat within the UK Fixed Income team. In my time there the team was focused on helping UK borrowers access new funding from the retail, wholesale and private placement markets as well delivering associated treasury advice to help support business planning and borrowing decisions.

I hold an Msc in Economics from the University of Warwick as well as a BA in Economics from Trinity College Dublin, with a focus on financial economics and monetary policy.

Outside the office, I can usually be found exploring the countryside around London on a bicycle or catching up on the weekend’s rugby.

Email Richard: Richard.Conway@jcrauk.com

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